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Do you know what an anti-corrosion fan is?


What is anticorrosive fan?

Anticorrosive fan is a type of special fan, similar to explosion-proof fan, mainly used in special occasions.

The main components of the anti-corrosion fan are the fans which are made of anti-corrosion treatment or anti-corrosion materials and can resist corrosion.

I. features of anti-corrosion fan:

“Corrosion resistance” is the biggest characteristic of anti-corrosion fan.
The anticorrosive fan has better corrosion resistance than other fans, and can be used in special places with strong corrosion.

II. Classification method of anti-corrosion fan:

1. According to the gas flow direction, the anti-corrosion fan mainly includes two types: “centrifugal anti-corrosion fan and axial-flow anti-corrosion fan”.
2. According to the pressure, the anti-corrosion fan can be divided into low-pressure anti-corrosion fan, medium pressure anti-corrosion fan and high-pressure anti-corrosion fan.

III. structure of anti-corrosion fan:

The anti-corrosion fan is mainly composed of “impeller, casing (air duct, guide vane, inner cylinder, motor bracket), motor, bracket” and other structures. At the same time, the accessories include “vibration damping equipment, control box, mesh cover and butt flange”. Corresponding modules can be added or deleted according to the actual needs.

Its special feature lies in the anti-corrosion property of its material.

IV. application scope of anti-corrosion fan:

In general, the anti-corrosion fan is mainly used for ventilation of some special industries or special occasions, such as: “factory, mine, electroplating, chemical industry, etching”, etc.
Of course, it can also be widely used in “General Factory, warehouse, office, residential” ventilation, but at a higher cost (after all, the price of anticorrosive fan will be higher than that of ordinary fan).

Post time: Jan-30-2020