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Activated carbon adsorption box environmental protection equipment

The catalytic combustion equipment produced by Hangzhou lvran environmental protection equipment mainly consists of activated carbon adsorption concentration equipment, catalytic combustion equipment and electric control device. Catalytic combustion equipment is designed according to two basic principles of adsorption concentration (high efficiency) and catalytic combustion (energy saving). Namely, adsorption concentration catalytic combustion method.

The catalytic combustion equipment adopts multiple gas paths for continuous operation, multiple activated carbon adsorption boxes for alternate operation, and one catalytic combustion chamber. The first activated carbon adsorption tank adsorbs the waste gas. When it is almost saturated, stop the adsorption operation and immediately carry out the desorption treatment. At the same time, the second activated carbon adsorption tank is used for adsorption and concentration. When it is almost saturated, the adsorption operation is stopped and desorbed immediately. According to this analogy, the later several sets of activated carbon adsorption boxes carry out the same adsorption and desorption process as the first set of activated carbon adsorption boxes. The desorbed organic waste gas has been concentrated (the concentration is dozens of times higher than the original) and sent to the catalytic combustion chamber for catalytic combustion. The catalytic oxidation reaction is carried out on the catalyst at a high temperature of 250-350 ℃, that is, “combustion”, so that the organic waste gas is converted into harmless CO2 and H2O for discharge. When the concentration of organic waste gas reaches more than 2000 ppm, the organic waste gas can be kept natural in the catalytic bed without external heating, and most of the tail gas after combustion is discharged into the atmosphere.

Manufacturer of catalytic combustion equipment

Catalytic combustion equipment is a kind of waste gas treatment equipment which uses catalyst to oxidize and decompose combustible substances in waste gas at low temperature. Catalytic combustion equipment is suitable for continuous waste gas treatment and purification. If it works intermittently, not only energy consumption is needed for each preheating, but also reaction heat can not be recycled, which will cause great energy waste. Therefore, when choosing catalytic combustion equipment, factories need to consider the working conditions of enterprises comprehensively.

Hangzhou lvran environmental protection equipment has successfully developed catalytic combustion equipment with high purification efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection by absorbing the technical experience at home and abroad. Green ran catalytic combustion equipment has been successful in all parts of the country, and green ran catalytic combustion equipment are available on the spot. Green ran through continuous improvement of their services and skills, only for your trust and support.

Post time: Oct-30-2019