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Activated carbon adsorption box environmental protection equipment-Luran environmental protection


Description of waste gas treatment equipment of activated carbon adsorption box

Green green activated carbon adsorption box

Activated carbon adsorption box, is an organic waste gas filtration adsorption environmental equipment products, activated carbon adsorption box can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, PP board and other materials. Activated carbon adsorption box has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, wide application, convenient maintenance, can handle a variety of mixed waste gas at the same time, activated carbon has the removal of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases and disinfection and deodorization, activated carbon adsorption tower is widely used

Electronic components production, battery (battery) production, pickling operations, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical, medicine, painting, food, brewing and other organic waste gas treatment.

Activated carbon adsorption box

Organic exhaust gas powered by fan, positive pressure or negative pressure in activated carbon adsorption housing, there is not due to the solid surface activated carbon balance and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemistry health, therefore, when the solid surface contact with the gas, can attract a gas molecule, and keep the solid surface to make it strong, pollutants to adsorb, exhaust gas after filter adsorption into the equipment dust exhausting system, purified gas discharging standard, high saturation of activated carbon can be recycling, reduce the cost.

Activated carbon paint mist treatment box

Product advantage

1. High adsorption efficiency

Able to handle a variety of mixed organic waste gas at the same time, high purification rate.

2. Small floor space and easy maintenance

The equipment has compact structure, small floor space, simple maintenance and management, and low operation cost.

3. Strong applicability

Completely closed type, indoor and outdoor can be used, applicable to a wide range.

4. Safety and environmental protection

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