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Fan by-products

  • Sound Insulation Tank For Reducing Noise

    Sound Insulation Tank For Reducing Noise

    FRP Sound insulation fan is widely used, applicable to a variety of working conditions, efficient energy saving, save costs, to create profits for you. High performance, high efficiency, low vibration and low noise。Widely used in the extraction and exhaust of corrosive acid and alkali gas, waste gas treatment and purification, sewage deodorization, etc. (corrosive gas environment).
  • FRP Sound-proof Box

    FRP Sound-proof Box

    Fiberglass Sound insulation box-type fans are mainly used in sewage deodorization, biological deodorization, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, pickling electroplating, laboratory, semiconductor industry and other places containing acid and alkali components and chemical components of corrosive gas.At present, the sound insulation box-type fan is widely used, which is required in the low noise environment. It is more stable when moving, and more quiet when running. FRP Sound insulation fan...