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Direct Engagement Shaft Driven Centrifugal Fan With Lagre Air FLow

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FRP centrifugal fan is a fan made of FRP material, also called anticorrosive centrifugal fan. Generally, FRP centrifugal fans can be used in occasions with corrosive gas to discharge corrosive gas.
The gas conveyed is not allowed to contain viscous substances, dust and hard particles less than or equal to 150mg/m3, gas temperature less than or equal to 60 degrees, and relative humidity less than or equal to 100%. FRP centrifugal fans are not suitable for high temperature places. D type refers to Shaft-driven coupling transmission type

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CQC energy-saving product certification

The test of the fan complies with the GB19761-2009 national standard. The fan equipment can run continuously for 24 hours without damage, has a long service life, is energy-saving and efficient, and the whole unit is subjected to computer stress and strain analysis to improve the structural strength.

Simple maintenance operation

The use of an oil bath enclosed oil tank protects the bearings and shaft core from corrosive gas, prolongs the service life, reduces the frequency of failures, modular production, uniform specifications, complete parts and materials, and can be used in the fastest and least Cost, complete installation and maintenance.

Provide service team

Provide to the company to measure performance, vibration, and provide test reports to prevent failures before they occur, and to ensure that the fan runs under the best conditions. It can be tailored to the customer's special specifications to ensure that the fan runs at the highest efficiency point.

Coupling drive:

Advantages: high transmission efficiency, safety and reliability, and high accuracy requirements for installation and maintenance. Nowadays, many fans are basically driven by couplings.

Disadvantages: Pay more attention to its tightness to avoid problems. Relative displacement and rotor imbalance are common problems in coupling transmission.


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